Virtual reality

Virtual Reality as seen by Terragame Center.

Virtual Reality is an incredible new tool that, if used wisely, will undoubtedly revolutionize the world as we know it today.

Despite the progress that remains to be made to improve the image quality and the limited field of view of recent virtual reality headsets, it is clear that the potential of this new technology is limitless in most economic sectors. Terragame is thinking about the future and looking at the solutions of the future that will facilitate in various sectors:

Medicine: VR allows medical students to learn in the heart of the action by allowing them to attend surgery under all possible viewing angles without compromising the surgeon. Like a ghost they can be invisible to the surgeon while being thousands to follow the operation just a few centimeters from the patient. Surgery simulators will soon allow to train to perform complex operations in real situations without risk for the patient.

Education: In a few years it is certain that virtual reality will offer the possibility of taking courses directly from home while being immersed in a virtual classroom with other students and a teacher. The quality of the VR headsets will be such that it will be difficult to differentiate between a real and a virtual classroom.

Military: Recreating a real building or a strategic point is possible in virtual reality. No doubt that special forces and the army will be equipped with fullscale VR training camps to simulate coordinated attacks and training missions.

– Firefighters: Coordinating their forces, teamwork, fire simulation and risky interventions are the daily life of firefighters. This dangerous work deserves to be secured by training in real situations thanks to virtual reality. Reproducing a burning building with civilians to save is technically feasible in VR and could allow to provide a secure and highly realistic training to fire services.

– Video game: At Terragame we have a very avantgarde vision of what VR can bring to gamers around the world in the near future.


While virtual reality in gaming is still in its infancy, for the Terragame team the possibilities of such technology are already infinite and the field of application very wide.

Rather than offering games and applications that are already offered to individuals and that anyone can get and experiment at home, the only motto of Terragame Center is: Innovate!

The big problem with virtual reality to use at home is a size problem: it is impossible to integrate the notion of movement in space and to interact with its environment and despite the big potential and the imagination of the current vr games and apps it is impossible to fill these gaps which makes the experience relatively average and can cause physical discomfort such as motion sickness which makes the user nauseous. Interesting to try but the magic does not work and is not viable for frequent use.

It is by focusing on these technical and practical gaps that Terragame Center created the concept of Total Immersion also calledhyper virtual reality“. No more sitting on a chair and moving with a pad or teleporting, no more using video game controllers to move your hands or pressing a key to order your avatar to take a virtual object that has no physical consistency for the user.

Using stateoftheart technology used in the movie world and motion tracking, we create giant virtual worlds and create an exact replica in the real world and then superimpose them in order to create a more realistic fictional world than ever. This approach to virtual reality opens the way to experiences that were thought to be seen only in science fiction films and yet these new worlds are within reach today.

The possibilities of this vision of hyper virtual reality are infinite: Goodbye controllers and other video game controllers, the only controller now is you. You fully control the body of your character like your own body. Move your hands, fingers, feet or head and your avatar will exactly reproduce the same movement. Welcome to the skin of your favorite hero.

No limit to travel: The player moves in the game as in real life. He is no longer confined to a small space that prevented him from being immersed in the adventure. It is possible to create virtual worlds the size of an entire village with an unlimited number of players.

Every element of the game can be present and usable in the real world. The player opens a door in the game, he must also open it in the real world so he has the feeling that the virtual universe is a real environment.

Unlimited scenarios: The scenarios set up have no limit but our imagination. Whether your dream is to save a damsel in distress or to take part in an epic quest in the skin of a powerful magician, the possibilities are vast and disturbingly realistic. Terragame has many projects under consideration and projects that are very close to what we can see in science fiction films that have all made us dream at one time or another. The creation of new virtual worlds of great magnitude is our ultimate goal and we hope that many of you will encourage us and participate in this dream now within reach.