Le Manoir Des Damnés

Per group of
4 to 6
30 min
Play area
500 m²
Form a party of 4-6 players and enter a mansion infested with zombies and evil spirits.
“Le Manoir Des Damnés” is the first of a new kind of experience. Don your haptic suit, put on your VR headset, grab your haptic machine gun and join your friends in this immersive adventure.
Terragame Center is the only amusement park in Europe to feature an exact, real-size replica of a game environment that has been custom-designed to exactly reproduce what you experience in the game.

In “Le Manoir Des Damnés”, every single physical object you encounter in the game is replicated in the real world, giving you the incredible feeling of actually taking part in a life-sized video game.

When you enter the House of the Damned, you’ll play a virtual character of your choice who you can control just like your own body. You’ll have complete freedom to explore the 400 sq.m game zone without any restrictions.


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