La Route Des Damnés

Per group of
4 to 6
30 minutes

“La Route Des Damnés”, where it all began


A distress call from an old manor ominously foretells something terrible has happened to a young couple and their child

The ground army has been mobilized to investigate the case and has recruited you, a squad of brave soldiers, to go to the site in a military vehicle to uncover what is going on.

But what the authorities dont know is that the evil that plagues this place goes beyond the gates surrounding the manor and that the road leading there is as dangerous as the darkness that haunts this sinister home!

This new and unprecedented multiplayer experience designed and imagined by the Terragame Studio is a full-scale reproduction of an army truck in which every sense is put to use.

New features of this new hyper VR space:

seismic sensors reacting to what you experience in the game, dynamic weather effects simulation, addition of a vehicle space reproduced in real size, customsculpted and perfectly simulating the sensations of a real vehicle (wind blow depending on the vehicles speed, engine vibration, acceleration, shock if a monster passes under the wheel, etc.)

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Each experience takes place in a 400m² space privatized by groups of 4 to 6 players