Magic : Les apprentis sorciers

Per group of
4 to 6
30 minutes

Magic : Les apprentis sorciers


Kraken, a powerful necromancer who has gone mad, is preparing to invade the world with his horde of magical creatures. The war mage Arkane needs help and recruits you and your wizards friends to stop the spread of evil in the lands of the west.

Form your team of powerful wizards and set off on an adventure aboard the airship piloted by the goblin Ziggy, the best pilot in the kingdom, and try to reach Kraken‘s dungeon to prevent him from carrying out his Machiavellian plan. But beware, your quest will not be easy as Kraken’s servants are powerful and will do everything they can to prevent you from completing your mission…

“Magic: Les apprentis sorciers” is a brand new multiplayer experience created and imagined by the Terragame Studio. It is a full-scale reproduction of an airship in which every sense is used. In this ultraimmersive experience designed for both young and older audiences, everything is designed to plunge the players into a fantasy world more real than life: seismic sensors reacting to what you experience in the game, a simulation of dynamic weather effects, the concordance between the real and the virtual that surrounds you, everything is done to give you the impression of living a magical and exciting adventure with family or friends.

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Each experience takes place in a 400m² space privatized by groups of 4 to 6 players